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Tech Strategy Discussion Panel Summary - blog post featured image

Aligning Tech Strategy with Business Goals – Discussion Panel Summary

An important part of each module in our Digital MBA for Technology Leaders is a discussion panel where a group of experienced tech leaders dive deep into critical problems of senior technology management. Here, we are bringing you a summary with key points on the subject of Tech Strategy and its alignment with the company’s […]
Tech Leadership in So Many Words - #25 - Collaborative

Tech Leadership In So Many Words…#25: Collaborative

The essence of collaboration in tech leadership revolves around creating a culture where a common mission, openness, complementary strengths, and collective problem-solving are the pillars. Each team member, with a clear understanding of the overarching goals, contributes uniquely towards achieving breakthroughs.
Responsibilities Strategy and Skills of Technical Leader

Responsibilities, Strategies and Necessary Skills of an Effective Technical Leader

A technical leader bridges the gap between technical teams and business objectives. Unlike general managers, they possess strong technical expertise and can therefore guide engineers and developers. In contrast to tech specialists, however, they have strong leadership and communication skills. The role comes with the long list of responsibilities that we are explaining in this article.
Why and How to Switch to Design Thinking Leadership Model - feautured image

Why and How to Switch to Design Thinking Leadership Model

Constantly evolving user needs and expectations are challenging traditional leadership styles. That’s why technology leaders are switching to a design thinking model which is, basically, a human-centred approach to problem-solving. Design thinking focuses on understanding user needs and experiences to create innovative solutions. Such products and services resonate with their target audience.  This article explores […]
Technology leadership in so many words...#24-Vision - featured image

Tech Leadership in So Many Words…#24 – Vision

Visionary leaders possess an innate ability to predict trends, envision revolutionary products, or foresee shifts in consumer behaviour long before they become apparent to others.
Our team rejoicing the recent customer endorsement

When Our Customers Endorse Everything We Are Striving to Achieve

One of the major challenges for any start-up is how to drive growth with a bootstrapped marketing budget. So you’re reliant on being creative and patient and hope your customers love your product enough to become part of your front-line sales strategy. This is why we’re always thrilled with the Social Proof emerging via sites […]
Beyond Technical Expertise-Mastering the Art of Tech Leadership - post featured image

Beyond Technical Expertise: Mastering the Art of Tech Leadership

Strong tech leadership provides a compelling vision and roadmap, improving team focus and motivation. Combined with a culture of trust and open communication, it creates a high level of psychological safety for the team. In turn, such a team is more open to risk-taking, innovation and honest discussion of challenges. Here, we explain how to master that art.
Tech Leadership in So Many Words...#23-Influence - blog featured image

Tech Leadership in So Many Words…#23 – Influence

Duality of influence requires a leader to be perpetually mindful of the broader impact of their actions, ensuring they embody the values of integrity, responsibility, and forward-thinking they wish to see in the world. By actively mentoring, engaging in thoughtful dialogue, and leading by example, influential tech leaders can harness their reach to herald technological advancements and instill a culture of ethical reflection and accountability.

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