90 Things You Need to Know To Become An Effective CTO

Packed with insight about the CTO role

“This eBook has been written from a perspective of the personal and soft skills needed to become an effective CTO. This latest version is our most authentic and personal yet with 60+ pages of insight collected from tech leaders around the world about what they believe are the key attributes required. It is definitely NOT your standard eBook”

– Andrew Weaver, Co-Founder, CTO Academy

The Chapters

Personal Growth

You can’t become an effective leader without knowing yourself. We explore the why, where and how

Management & Time

How to shift from technical to managerial and manage your time effectively

Build Your Soft Skills

If you have aspirations to become a high impact CTO then it’s the soft skills that will matter

Maintain Your Hard Skills

And here is the debate about how much or how little of the hard skills you need to maintain


From the existential to the practical we take a deep dive into some of the key leadership topics

It's Not All Coding

As you move from behind the keyboard so your perspective on tech management will change

Commercial & Operational

What are the commercial and operational realities of a business that you need to know as the CTO?

Startups and Fast Growth

Being CTO in a startup will bring very different challenges so this section takes a look at why

Mindset & Wellness

Mindset and Wellness is absolutely key to personal success and your impact as a leader

Why this eBook is different

You don’t already know?

60+ pages of personal insight and coalface experience from CTOs and entrepreneurs.

Wherever you are in your tech career, you will find something of interest inside these pages … if not, tell us what you’d like to read about.
“This book is spectacular and not the typical marketing fluff you normally get as a lead magnet!”
Brian Cline
CTO, Canada

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To arm you with the leadership skills required to achieve the career and lifestyle you want.
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